With Skiplino’s Retail, your businesses can keep track of foot traffic, and effectively communicate with customers.

Skiplino’s customer scheduling and monitoring software allows businesses to operate in a safe and secure manner while ensuring that customers have a seamless and enjoyable experience during their visit.

Queue Management System

Three Business Enhancements

One Retail System

retail store plan, Retail, Skiplino

Manage Time

retail store plan, Retail, Skiplino

Ensure Safety

retail store plan, Retail, Skiplino

Monitor Service


How it Works

Key Features

Enhance Efficiency and Elevate Shopping Experiences


retail store plan, Retail, Skiplino

Smaller Crowds

Shoppers are less likely to shop when there are large crowds. By controlling large crowds, Retail makes shopping more relieving to customers.

retail store plan, Retail, Skiplino

Helpful Communication

As customers are usually on a pre-set schedule, they need to know how much time they have in-store so they can effectively use their shopping experience. Push notifications are the perfect way to give every customer the chance to make the most of their time.


Our Customers Use Skiplino Retail For

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Store owners need a simple and smart solution to track customer behavior and keep their businesses open and thriving.

retail store plan, Retail, Skiplino

Department Stores

Malls and department stores experience crowds of shoppers during busy periods. Our solutions help businesses reduce crowds and ensure customers spend an equal amount of time in-store.

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Fashion Retail

During peak shopping hours, fashion stores often experience problems with crowded fitting rooms and exchange kiosks. This causes delays for customers, and businesses risk losing sales. By keeping customers on a schedule, businesses can keep their premises clear.

retail store plan, Retail, Skiplino


Skiplino’s Retail System not only improves operations in museums but also helps address time limitations for visitor visits. By efficiently managing transactions and offering a seamless experience, Skiplino ensures that visitors can make the most of their limited time while exploring the museum’s exhibits. Additionally, they can enjoy a convenient and quick experience without compromising on the quality of their visit. 

Apps and Administration

Purpose-built apps for every business in any industry

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Create a satisfying experience for customers before they step through your doors.

The mobile app allows customers to book appointments remotely at the most suitable time for them.

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Admin app for appointments booking


This is the next generation of performance monitoring.

With the Admin app, admins can gain insights into organization, location, service, and performance. Simply choose a timeframe’s activity to view business activity.

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Skiplino Admin app in Apple Store Skiplino Admin app in Google Play
Portal for queue management


This is account management, location monitoring, service reviews, message scheduling, and content organization in one responsive web portal.

With real-time dashboards and advanced reporting capability, managers can use actionable data to drive business performance and enhance services.


retail store plan, Retail, Skiplino


Cost Per Month$299
Number of ServicesUnlimited Services
Number of TicketsUnlimited Appointments
Number of Users 15 Users
Type of Reports
Overview Reports, Analytics Reports, Tickets Reports

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