Appointments System

With Skiplino’s Appointments, you can have your customers book their appointments virtually or through your agents. You can easily automate the appointment booking and reminders process, reduce no-shows, and monitor business performance.

Experience the advantages of reduced queues, satisfied customers, and increased productivity with our groundbreaking Appointments System.

Queue Management System

Three Business Enhancements

One Appointments System

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Increase Attendance

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Attract Customers

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Activate Growth

About Skiplino’s Appointments System

How it Works

Key Features

Satisfy The Growing Demand For Online Booking


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Smartphone App

Customers can remotely book their appointment via their smartphone without waiting to call during opening hours.

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Appointment Reminders

All customers receive appointment reminders to help them arrive on time.


Our Customers Use Skiplino Appointments For

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Banks and financial institutions serve thousands of customers across multiple locations. Skiplino is the perfect tool for appointment management and service improvement.

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Patients need to be able to book online in order to receive prompt care. Appointment booking software helps healthcare providers to manage slots and scheduled appointments.

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Customer service relies on feedback for continuous improvement. Skiplino helps businesses to streamline their workflow and respond to feedback.

Apps and Administration

Purpose-built apps for every business in any industry

Appointments booking system


Create a satisfying experience for customers before they step through the doors.

The mobile app enables customers to remotely book appointments at their most convenient time, assisting them in managing their schedules effectively.

Download on:
Skiplino app in Apple Store Skiplino app in Google Play
Admin app for appointments booking

Web Booking

With web booking, you can give your customers another option to book for your services directly from the web, and still receive reminders when their time is up.

Admin app for appointments booking

Admin App

This is the next generation of performance monitoring.

With the Skiplino Admin App, agents and managers can gain insights of the organization, tickets, service, and performance.

Download on:
Skiplino Admin app in Apple Store Skiplino Admin app in Google Play
Portal for queue management


This is account management, location monitoring, service reviews, message scheduling, and content organization in one responsive web portal.

With real-time dashboards and advanced reporting capability, managers can use actionable data to drive business performance and enhance services.






Cost Per Month$299$399
Number of ServicesUnlimited ServicesUnlimited Services
Number of TicketsUnlimited AppointmentsUnlimited Appointments
Number of Users 5 Users10 Users
Type of Reports
Overview Reports, Analytics Reports, Tickets Reports
Overview Reports, Analytics Reports, Tickets Reports, Users Reports, Stats Reports, Export Reports, Comparisons Reports, Live Reports

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