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Skiplino is a cloud-based system providing a variety of products to manage crowds and an advanced digital service experience that aims to save people’s time. It also gives our clients an unprecedented view of branch activities and detailed data, which helps them better manage quality control and customer satisfaction.

The team at Skiplino believes that life is way too short to waste your time in queues. Skiplino greatly reduces the amount of time people spend waiting in line at banks, telecommunications companies, financial institutions, and any other facilities that utilize traditional queue management systems.

Queue Management System

Key Features

More Than Simply Shorter Wait Times

Quick and Easy Setup Process

Quick and easy setup process

Offers a hassle-free setup process that is easy to follow and can be completed in no time. With Skiplino’s user-friendly interface, users can easily customize their settings, add services, and staff members to get their queue management system up and running in a matter of minutes.

Convenient Central Account Management

Convenient central account management

Provides a centralized account management system that allows administrators to manage all aspects of the queue management system from a single dashboard. This makes it easy to keep track of multiple locations, services, and staff members, as well as access real-time data on customer queues and wait times.

Online Booking

Online booking

The online booking system enables customers to book appointments and reserve their spot in line before arriving at the service location. This feature reduces wait times, improves customer satisfaction, and streamlines the service delivery process.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting

The advanced reporting tools provide valuable insights into queue management and resource planning. Administrators can access detailed reports on queue performance, customer behavior, and staff productivity, as well as use the data to make informed decisions about staffing levels and service offerings.

Receive SMS and Push Notifications

Receive SMS and push notifications

The SMS and push notification system keeps customers informed of their wait time and when it’s their turn to be served. This feature minimizes frustration and increases customer satisfaction by keeping them informed and engaged throughout the service process.

Online queue management is a competitive advantage

Improve your service and impress your customers

Improve your service and impress your customers
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Skiplino Products

Queue Management System

Powerful queue management software for every business

Skiplino’s Queue Management System helps you eliminating the waiting time in your branches by allowing both in-location and remote bookings.

Experience the advantage of reduced queues, satisfied customers, and increased productivity with our groundbreaking Queue Management System.

Queue Management System


Online booking for greater efficiency

Skiplino’s Appointments allows customers to schedule appointments with your business remotely.

You can automate the appointment booking and reminders process, reduce no-shows, and monitor business performance.

Appointments System

Virtual Branches

Complete digital transformation

Skiplino’s Virtual Branch offers full virtual service experience via video calls so there’s no need for physical visit to the location.

With Virtual Branch, your business can continue to serve customers with a contactless, responsive, and personalized software solution.

Virtual Branches


Contactless service made simple and accessible

Skiplino’s Retail allows businesses to operate efficiently while helping customers make the most of their visit.

Customers can book their appointments from the available time slots to visit your stores using the Skiplino Mobile app and receive their QR codes on their personal mobile device.


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  • Al Baraka - BH
  • Credimax - BH
  • GIG - BH
  • Kuwait Finance House - BH
  • SNIC - BH
  • Solidarity Logo - BH
  • STC - BH