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What are you looking for?

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Mobile App

Download the app and schedule your next appointment with ease. Choose from a variety of available time slots, select your preferred service provider, and confirm your appointment in seconds. Say goodbye to waiting in long lines.

download skiplino apps, Download, Skiplino
download skiplino apps, Download, Skiplino

Business Apps by Skiplino

Elevate your business with our cutting-edge crowd management software. Streamline operations, schedule appointments, track performance, and gain valuable insights – all from one intuitive app. Embrace the future of business management and unlock your true potential.

Expand your possibilities with Skiplino and explore our wide range of innovative apps

Customer queuing system


With Skiplino’s walk-in app, customers can book their queue ticket on arrival and receive SMS, email, and printed tickets.

With a tablet at the site entrance, businesses can create the same seamless experience for all customers.

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Queue management app in Apple Store Queue management app in Google Play
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Customers want to see the progress of the queue. With Skiplino’s Display app, customers can see queue updates in real-time.

The Display app announces the up-next queue ticket using the customer’s preferred language. This creates a personalized experience and saves staff time.

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Skiplino Branch TV app in Apple TV Store Skiplino Branch TV app in Google Play Skiplino Branch TV app in Amazon Store


Customer feedback provides valuable opportunities for business improvement.

Skiplino’s Desk app allows customers to rate their experience with a business before leaving the premises. Attach tablet devices to agents’ desks and gain extraordinary insights.

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Skiplino Branch app in Apple Store Skiplino Branch app in Google Play
Portal for queue management


This is account management, location monitoring, service reviews, message scheduling, and content organization in one responsive web portal.

With real-time dashboards and advanced reporting capability, managers can use actionable data to drive business performance and enhance services.