Choosing The Best Queue Management Software [Comparative Guide]

Choosing The Best Queue Management Software [Comparative Guide]

6 Feb 2023

DMVs. Grocery stores. Cafes. Healthcare facilities. Hotels.

What do all of these establishments have in common?

That’s right. They all typically involve waiting in long and tedious lines. 

As a business owner or higher-up staff member in charge of customer experiences, you would know better than anyone just how much people hate the traditional queuing process. Think about it. At the DMV, for example, clients go through the same 3-step inefficient process:

  1. Clients either wait in line to receive a number from an attendant or wait in line to operate one of those dreaded take-a-number machines.
  2. They then proceed to a waiting area, sit down, and watch a screen for an indefinite amount of time, hoping their number is the next to be displayed.
  3. Once the corresponding number is displayed, clients then proceed to a second counter in order to have their desired services taken care of.

Why is this such an inefficient system?

Well, this entire process does absolutely nothing to value a client’s time. They’re meant to waste a significant portion not only waiting in tedious queues but also forced to sit in a waiting room for upwards of an hour in some situations.

The worst part is, we’re not only talking about one industry here. So many of the services that are essential to our everyday lives involve comparably annoying queuing processes. From there, the question becomes:

How do businesses and essential services provide a far more intuitive and efficient queuing process? 

Thankfully, we have the answer. It’s time to implement some queue management software.

Now, we get it. Those of you who have stayed ahead of the customer experience game are likely already familiar with queue management systems. You’re fully aware of just how much better queue management software is than traditional queuing methods.

Traditional Queue MethodsDigital Queue Management Systems
Can be stress-inducing due to physical barriers and labyrinths of stanchionsEliminates the need for physical queue management entirely
Lengthy, indefinite wait timesWait times trimmed significantly due to a more efficient queue process
Requires the use of crowded wait roomsClients are free to wait wherever they please until their turn comes

Maybe you’ve done some research into a few options. However, if that’s the case, you’ve also likely discovered that there are literally hundreds of options to choose from.

Great. Another task to add to your already stress-inducing long to-do list.

Don’t fret. That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled a list of the best queue management software on the market. Our picks are meant to help you narrow down your choices to those that provide exactly what you need to give clients and customers a seamless queuing process.

Before we dive into the list, let’s cover what criteria we used to evaluate different software. Don’t worry, though. For those who simply want to skip ahead to our picks, we’ll provide that as well.

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We get it. You’re pressed for time as it is and looking for the quickest solution possible. Here are our 5 favorite queue management systems on the market:

  1. Skiplino Queue Management System
  2. Qless
  3. Q-nomy
  4. Wavetec
  5. Qminder

How We Evaluated Queue Management Software

Obviously, we could just fire off our list of the best queue management software on the market and then break for lunch.

However, why we chose each of our picks is just as important as the picks themselves. It’s important that you know what criteria we considered while evaluating.

So, without further ado…


Price is something we talk about frequently when evaluating our purchases. Whether we’re talking about more everyday purchases such as groceries, or something a little less frequent, which is the case we find ourselves in here.

One key takeaway when evaluating the price of queue management software is that many companies only offer their pricing upon request, and instead will provide a rough outline for costs.

The bright side is that these companies often offer more tailored pricing plans based on a few different factors:

  • Company size
  • Potential revenue
  • Employee usage

So, when it comes to price, some of our picks will have a concrete number available, while others are centered around specific criteria that may warrant a deeper dive.

Ease of Use

When it comes to the implementation of brand new software, no consideration should carry more weight than ease of use.

Think about it. Not only do your staff need to learn a brand new system and how to use it efficiently, but you’re also trying to turn clients and customers onto a new system as well.

This means that adopting a clunky and counter-intuitive software can spell disaster quickly. How can you expect clients to use your queue management software if they can’t even figure out how to enter the virtual queue?

Ease of use for both staff and clients is easily one of the biggest factors to consider with queue management software. Both sides need to be able to efficiently operate the software for maximum results.

Calendar Management


With many queue management software options allowing appointments to be booked as well, calendar management is an important factor.

Effective calendar management means that your software calendar is capable of functioning precisely the way you need it to. For example, if you need to allow queuing for several different services at different times, then your calendar should be able to provide this functionality.

In short, choosing software that comes equipped with a high-functioning calendar is a must. No exceptions.

Online Booking

One of the components of effective queue management software is the ability to enter the queue remotely, whether from a mobile device or from a web browser. Not only is this crucial during our current pandemic situation, but this also goes a long way towards valuing the time of your clients and customers.

Since clients will be able to remotely enter your queue, there’s no need for crowded and tedious waiting rooms. They’re free to wait anywhere they want.

This functionality also promotes shorter wait times and drastically increases customer satisfaction. Just something else to think about when choosing queue management software.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Features

When we think of queue management software, we think about increasing queue efficiency and improving customer satisfaction. Which makes sense, considering these are the cornerstone benefits of implementing the software in the first place.

However, with the right queue management software, you’ll gain access to a host of additional features that can prove beneficial throughout various aspects of your industry.

CRM features in queue management software revolve around two different aspects:

  1. Automated reporting
  2. Analytics

With reporting and analytics, not only can you gain valuable insight on different aspects of your business, such as customer demographics and staff performance, but all of this information is automatically reported and kept secure. No need to worry about tracking the information manually.

These insights can provide a little extra boost to other areas of your business, such as marketing efforts. While CRM features may not be the first thing you think of when evaluating queue management software, their value cannot be overstated.



With the implementation of any software, there are likely to be a few bumps in the road. Whether you’re looking at specific features that require further explanation, or even rare malfunctions, direct support from your queue management software provider is an absolute must.

So, what does tech support look like when it comes to queue management software?

There are two common methods of providing tech support:

  1. A live tech support chat
  2. A help center loaded with different articles and FAQs

All of our queue management software picks come with one or both of these to ensure that any issues that arise are handled quickly.

The Best Queue Management Software 

Enough talk. Let’s get down to our picks for the best queue management software on the market.

Something to note here is that while we believe strongly in our picks, our list isn’t the be-all, end-all of queue management software. If you choose to evaluate others, just keep our criteria in mind to make sure you’re getting the best possible software to suit your specific needs.

1. Skiplino Queue Management System

A list of the best queue management software just wouldn’t be complete without Skiplino’s Queue Management Software now would it?

All joking aside, we understand that mentioning our own product in our list is a bold statement. However, we wouldn’t even consider listing ourselves off if we didn’t fully believe in our service as one of the best around, so hear us out. 

For starters, when you’re looking into Skiplino’s Queue Management System, the first thing you’ll notice is the simple pricing model:

queue management software, Choosing The Best Queue Management Software [Comparative Guide], Skiplino

Two tiers, each with their core features laid out in a simple and easy to understand fashion. If you choose to pay annually, you’ll also save a bit on the monthly cost. While many queue management software options force you to inquire about pricing, Skiplino’s Queue Management System provides complete transparency from the get-go.

As far as core features go, with Skiplino QMS, you’ll gain access to all of the key benefits associated with an effective queue management software, such as:

  • A cloud-based, secure queue solution
  • Online booking (mobile or desktop)
  • Setup for walk-in clients and customers
  • Customized branding
  • SMS ticket confirmations

While all of these features are precisely what you’ll be looking for in a QMS, where Skiplino really pulls ahead is with the advanced reporting and analytics.

queue management software, Choosing The Best Queue Management Software [Comparative Guide], Skiplino

Using the admin app, you’ll gain valuable insights through many of the different stats we talked about with CRM features. Skiplino lays all of this data out for you in a clear and cohesive manner, ensuring you get the most out of the information and can use it effectively to improve many different aspects of your business.

The cherry on top? Skiplino can be set up in as little as five minutes. How’s that for ease of use?

So, while it may seem like a cop-out to add ourselves at the top of this list, all of these points should come together and paint a clear picture as to why we fully believe in our service as one of the best out there.

2. Qless

When assessing Qless as a queue management software option, one feature that jumped out at us was the ability to use SMS marketing directly from the software itself. For those looking to add a little extra edge to their marketing efforts, this functionality could prove useful when promoting certain offers or deals, depending on the industry you’re in.

On top of that, Qless also provides staff with a clean and simple dashboard without any complicated bells and whistles. Easy to read, easy to understand.

queue management software, Choosing The Best Queue Management Software [Comparative Guide], Skiplino

As far as core features go, Qless does a decent job of providing users with all of the features you’d expect from an effective queue management solution, including:

  • Remote booking
  • Appointment scheduling services
  • SMS notifications
  • Apps for both iOS and Android
  • Tracking and reporting features for valuable industry insight

While their pricing is only available upon request, the marketing features that Qless brings to the table may be worth your while.

3. Q-nomy

The first thing you’ll notice about Q-nomy is the fact that they went through the trouble of creating an entire animated video centered around their queue management software in action. This video shows exactly how the implementation of queue management software can greatly reduce wait times for clients and customers.

queue management software, Choosing The Best Queue Management Software [Comparative Guide], Skiplino

Cute little video aside, the real question is: Does Q-nomy deliver on all the main points you’d expect from queue management software?

Well, with Q-nomy, you’ll be getting:

  • Mobile phone check-in
  • Extensive analytics and reporting, both for staff and customers
  • Reminder alerts
  • Ticket format for clients who prefer it over digital

One feature worth noting, in particular, is Q-nomy’s ability to expand their central server from one point of service to multiple branches, should the need present itself.

Q-nomy, like many of the queue management solutions on the market, doesn’t have its prices listed to the public. You’ll need to inquire with their staff to get a quote.

4. Wavetec Queue Management

Wavetec seems to have centered much of their virtual queue system around our current pandemic situation and the “new normal”, which isn’t such a bad idea. Considering the immensely positive effect that a contactless queueing solution can have on industries being affected by new restrictions, they’re certainly on to something.

Their virtual queuing process is completely unique to them as well. Wavetec allows customers to book remotely through WhatsApp, a popular instant messaging mobile application. From there, all of the steps taken from service selection through to customer feedback reports are all done through WhatsApp.

queue management software, Choosing The Best Queue Management Software [Comparative Guide], Skiplino

Wavetec, like the others on this list, also manages to accomplish all of the typical core features, including:

  • Wait time predictions
  • Integrations with different platforms
  • Performance insights through reports
  • An online appointment calendar

By taking advantage of an already popular mobile app, Wavetec has managed to create a unique remote queuing experience worth checking out.

5. Qminder

Similar to Skiplino, Qminder actually has its prices listed for each of their different tiers. This definitely helps when you’re looking to quickly evaluate different options without having to contact each and every provider.

queue management software, Choosing The Best Queue Management Software [Comparative Guide], Skiplino

* Prices as of January 2021.

As you can see, their pricing model offers three different tiers, all of which have their features clearly defined. Because of this, it’s much easier for you to choose which one to go with depending on your specific needs.

Even with their standard pricing tier, Qminder gives you everything you’ll need in a queue management software, including:

  • Remote sign-in
  • Contactless sign-in for walk-in clients
  • Several automated reporting features, including staff performance reports
  • Online tech support

Qminder is built around a touchless queuing experience, and they’re an option worth considering for those who are in the market for queue management software.

Queue Management Software Summary

Even for those who are fully aware that their business would benefit from the implementation of queue management software, the sheer number of options on the market can make the decision daunting.

Hopefully, with these five options to consider, your choices are narrowed down a little further. 

So what are you waiting for? Most of your competition is already out there making the switch. It’s time for you to join them and get your own queue management software. Your customers will thank you for it in the end.

Looking For More Info?

We get it. The implementation of new software can be anxiety-inducing. If you’re looking for more information about Skiplino, or even queue management systems in general, reach out to us. We’ll answer the call. We promise.


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