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Skiplino Queue Management System


2 Nov 2023

Streamlining Student Services: How Skiplino Enhances Efficiency in Education Institutions

Revolutionizing Student Experiences Through Intelligent Queuing In the fast-paced world of education, efficiency is key. From admissions to counseling and registration, educational institutions face the constant challenge of managing high [...]

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6 Feb 2023

How Online Doctor Appointment Scheduling Will Make Happier Patients

Picture this. You’ve been stuck in a waiting room for well over an hour. Packs of frustrated patients flank you on every side, desperately waiting for their name to be called. You’re also fully aware that you’ll likely only see the doctor for less than half the time you’ve been waiting. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? […]

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20 Sep 2020

Introducing Skiplino Insights

Skiplino Insights Better way to measure customer retail experience and staff performance. Here is how Skiplino Insights can help you improve customer experience: Real-time insightsYou will get real time insights of what’s happening with holistic view of branches, services and agents. Metrics that mattersGetting the metrics that matters the most to help you take quick […]

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World Map
16 Sep 2020

Skiplino is now available In 69 Languages, 6 Continents and 60 Countries

Skiplino since it’s launch has been adopted by many organizations in 6 different continents and in over 60 countries from different industries: Banking, Telecom, Government, Education & Service Centers. Now we are glad to announce the availability of Skiplino products in up to 69 languages to serve our clients globally and help them better serve their customers. […]

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28 Jul 2016

Go Paperless: 5 Reasons to Choose Skiplino’s Ticketless Queueing

Companies around the world are going paperless. Ledgers and balance sheets are now digital. Filing returns and paying taxes have become convenient online. Virtual reporting is much easier than paper trails. Soft copies of literature are portable, user friendly and much easier to manage than stacks of files. There are plenty of reasons to shun […]

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18 May 2016

Best Way To Improve Customer Experience: Give Customers Back Their Time.

What do customers hate the most? Not getting any response or attention from service providers. While a service provider cant solve all the problems that exists due to so many external factors, It can only try to be perfect in what it does. However, that doesn’t imply an organization would never have a problem in […]

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4 May 2016

Why customers should never wait in lines ever, again!

In today’s fast-paced world, waiting in line is considered a waste of time, and customers are always looking for ways to avoid queues. Unfortunately, most companies do not have a strategy to eliminate queues entirely. However, there is a solution that can help improve customer service and reduce waiting times. Eliminating Queues and Improving Customer […]

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24 Apr 2016

How Instant Customer Feedback Can Really Change The Game

Every major problem germinates from a relatively harmless seed. If you can avert the seed, then you can prevent the problem. In most cases, it is not possible to avert every possibility of an error or a cause that will lead to an aggrieved and disappointed customer. While every company should be proactive, it is […]

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22 Mar 2016

How Waiting In Queues Makes You Lose Your Customers

Introduction: The Importance of Efficient Queue Management Efficient queue management is crucial for any business that wants to provide a positive customer experience. While waiting in queues may be inevitable, it’s important to understand that it can also result in losing customers if not managed properly. As a business owner, it can be challenging to […]

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